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Skill learning session

We learn as long as we live!

Mountain biking can be a bit intimidating but so much more rewarding than road cycling, the close contact with nature, magnificent single tracks and also it is a booster to self- confidence while tackling rooty and rocky trails and seeing your evolution from awkward to smooth and flowy on the trails. 

It is just a matter of learning the theoretical, which can be eye-opening, and putting it into practice. There is no age to learn, if you did not find mountain biking in youth, it is ok and totally awesome to learn it in any time at your life. It will give so much more comfort and rides are more relaxing and rewarding if you know how to handle your mountain bike. 

One on one skill learning sessions are the most effective as coach is fully focused on you, every single minute of the session is focused on your riding and what improvements can be done and learnt. 

Group skill learning session is recommended if you just want to brush up your skills and/or you prefer to have good skill session with your riding partners and are able to learn from seeing others riding. 

One-on-one or group skill learning session is for all ages and training is lead by certified coach with more than 25 years of riding experience! 

  • 3h riding session

  • insurance

  • on Luso-Bussaco forest trails

  • theoretical knowledge

  • practical exercises

  • video analysis

  • uphill and downhill skills

  • advice and tips from qualified coach

    price per session 100 euros

ride better
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