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Hike and visit tours

To get more from your holiday, we also go exploring Portugal off the bike.

We have some nice hike trail offers, that can be combined with a museum visit or a local sightseeing spot.

Here are some offers for day trips to some magical places. We have plenty more hike day ideas, it is just a matter of finding you what suits your interest. Get in contact with us!

Bussaco day trip - Explore magical Bussaco forest on foot with our guide. Famous Via Sacra up to the Cruz Alta, many small ways and chapels. Bussaco forest where we can find many exotic trees and gorgeous summer house of previous Kings of Portugal. We combine our hike with museum visit to Military Museum, where we can find out more about the times of Napoleon wars in the area.

Hike trail that starts from Luso fountain, plenty of options in length (from 6km up to 15km).

Bairrada wines day trip - Get to know Bairrada vineyards with a hike between the grape vines. Optional addition is to visit one of the caves and try out some wines and sparkling wines that are made in the area. 

Hike trail that starts from Moita, plenty of options in length (from 8km up to 20km).

Caramulo day trip - Hike the highest point of the area. Plenty of big rock formations and amazing views to all the four sides of the mountain. On a clear day you may see the ocean and the highest point of continental Portugal.

Hike trail that starts from Almofala, plenty of options in length (from 8km up to 15km).

Ançã day trip - Great summer hike that finishes at the natural pools of Ançã village, an unique river beach with cooling water. The hike route is dedicated to limestone exploitation that had great importance to the local economy and shape of the countryside.

Hike trail that starts from Ançã and is 10km in length.

Conimbriga day trip - Visit Conímbriga which was inhabited since pre-Historic times then occupied by Roman troops in 139 BC and it became the prosperous capital city of the Lusitania province. During the reign of Emperor Augustus some of the most important buildings for everyday life in a Roman city were build such as the forum, the amphitheatre and the thermal baths. Later, a three-nave basilica was built in the town’s center.

Hike trail that leaves from the ruins, plenty of options in length (2km, 8km, 16km, 30km).

Piódão day trip - Hidden place deep in the mountain range of Açor is charming with its typical stone houses, small typical mountain village with some cafes. Hiking trails start from Piodao and pass some characteristic even smaller villages and stone bridges, few options in length (8km, 12km).

Arouca day trip - Man-built wooden path ways and stairs to have access and views of the Paiva river. Enjoy the view of untouched nature with its waterfalls, quartz crystals and rare species of plants. Linear trail of 8km.

Conimbriga by foot
Piódão by foot
Arouca by foot
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