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Explore Grand Rota 60 - Magic Mountains trails

For the more adventurous riders we offer a week discovering Magic Mountains route that explores Freita mountain range.

It will be challenging, it will be unforgettable, it will be awesome time spent in nature.

The route itself covers 280 km and 9420m+.

We will be staying at different towns, villages, we will arrive to the new place on our bikes, guided by our MTBcamps rider and we will arrange your bags from one accommodation to the other.


Magic Mountains daily plan (suggested, subject to change):

Day 1 – arrival OPO airport and transfer to hotel in Arouca

Day 2 – guided ride from Arouca to Castelo de Paiva (42km 1440m+)

Day 3 – guided ride from Castelo de Paiva to Cinfaes (32km 1195m+)

Day 4 – guided ride from Cinfaes to Castro Daire (56km 1740m+)

Day 5 – guided ride from Castro Daire to Sever do Vouga (84km 2925m+)

Day 6 – guided ride from Sever do Vouga to Arouca (63km 2120m+)

Day 7 – transfer from Arouca to OPO airport


Our main purpose is to offer you fantastic rides and awesome time here with us exploring rural Portugal deep in the wilderness.

Magic Mountain route takes you through places were it would be difficult to arrive otherwise, cars cannot access and by foot would be too far. Day starts with traditional breakfast at the accommodation, followed by the ride with our MTBcamps guide to the next village, where you will have enough time to get acquainted with it and have a walk in town if desired.


We wish you to enjoy your stay and rides to the maximum, we are always here to give suggestions, answer your questions and the week will pass with days full of pedaling and exploring the Magic Mountains. 

To experience Portugal in a way that is pure and authentic. 

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