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Women´s Wednesdays !

Women´s Wednesday mountain bike rides is a women to women concept. Riding a bike is somewhat masculine sport and it should not be, on Women´s Wednesday women ride with women and encourage each other.

The rides are only for women, women aged 18 and more (minors with parental written consent) - rides and practical tips how to feel more comfortable riding and feel more secure tackling obstacles. Guidance from an elite athlete and UCI licenced coach Maaris Meier.

The most important is to acknowledge your level and choose your level type, too advance can be dangerous and too easy can be boring.

If you looking for a technical skill lesson and really like to learn and dive deep into improving your skills - book the skill training session​.


Four different riding levels, be alert while checking the calendar for time, local and skill level!

Beginner level – easy ride with some off road, dirt roads, but nothing really technical, its a ride to enjoy being in the nature and ride with other women.

Intermediate level – for ladies who already ride in the forest, more use to flat path, so we go into single track and tackle some roots and rocks, but nothing really extreme. Enjoying a bit of excitement on single tracks with other ladies.

Advanced level – ladies who feel already quite comfortable riding single tracks and steep up and down hills, can cover some airtime, the trails can be gnarly and insert some adrenaline into the blood. A ride to really forget the day-to-day life and be in the moment. 

Pro level – as the name says, riding fast and furious like pro ladies like. While pushing each other the learning process is inevitable, sharing tips and advice.  


Remember Wednesday is for Women, from 16.00-17.00 (winter time Saturday 16-17.30 due to daylight) meeting point Jardim do Luso, group size is unlimited, all girls, ladies, women are welcome to ride!

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