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Bairrada150 Ultramarathon 10.05.2025

The next edition of the one and only epic ultramarathon will take place on 10.05.2025! 

This is one of the event which will motivate you to train and will stand out from the riding memories.

The organization is exceptional, the course each year varies so it has the suspense when it is revealed few days before the race. The feed/mechanical zones are about 25km apart. 

It can be done as individual rider, about 150km, then it can be ridden in pairs, each one about 75km, and it can be ridden in trio, each rider makes about 50km. 

The important part of the race is your GPS device, as the trails are not marked, there are some signs, but mostly you need to rely on your GPS device.

You can also read about it in our blog.

We manage everything so you don’t have to worry and can enjoy your stay and rides to the maximum, we are always here to give suggestions, answer your questions and also offer activities such as hikes, vineyard visits, guided bike tours for non-race days.

Note that you arrival day should be the latest on 08.05.2025 and departure day at the earliest 12.05.2025!


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