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Road riding holiday package

For the road cyclists who want to pace their rides and enjoy the scenery with our GPS tracks. Additionally to circular tracks we have two point to point days (one to the highest point of continental Portugal and other to famous Nazare beach to see the waves) with our transport back to the hotel, you choose which day you want to ride them.
You have the freedom to explore at your pace, but have the basic needs covered to have your bike holiday worry-free.

The basic package of 2 week (13 nights) 

includes 10 GPS tracks that leave 3 free days that you can spend exploring off bike, visiting nearby cities or you can choose one of our off-bike-day packages to add as an extra to your basic package!

Our main purpose is that you can have awesome bike holiday. In the package your have all the basic elements from the moment you step out of the airplane in Porto. 


We manage everything so you don’t have to worry and can enjoy your stay and rides to the maximum, we are always here to give suggestions, answer your questions and help you with any occurring problems.

Basic package road includes:

  • 10 GPS tracks (2 days of point to point with transport back to hotel)

  • 13 nights of accommodation with breakfast (in twin/double rooms)

  • Includes one SOS help rescue during your rides

  • Basic mechanical help and coaching advice

  • Transfer from and to OPO airport


Price per person (group of 4 or 6) 1520.- euros

Want a customized package - feel free to contact us!

We take it personal to secure you to have great experiences on riding your bike with our MTBcamps crew.

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