Off the bike day ideas and offers

To get more from your holiday, then the off-the-bike-days are great opportunity to explore more of Portugal. 

There are public transportation to the major cities, the closest Aveiro, Coimbra, Porto - all which are worth the visit!

But if you are interested in active days off the bike, then we have some great choices as well.

Here are some offers for day trips to some magical places.

Bussaco by foot
Piódão by foot
Arouca by foot

Bussaco day trip - There is plenty to discover by foot, stairways and little temples of the Sacred Way which are hard to access on our bike ride. Bussaco forest with its different flora and fauna is a magical place to enjoy.

Day trip price for group (up to 4 persons) - 65.-*

Piódão day trip - Hidden place deep in the mountain range of Açor is charming with its typical stone houses, hiking trails to get the full taste of the magic.

Day trip price for group (up to 4 persons) - 95.-*

Arouca day trip - Man-built wooden path ways and stairs to have access and views of the Paiva river. Enjoy the view of untouched nature with its waterfalls, quartz crystals and rare species of plants.

Day trip price for group (up to 4 persons) - 85.-*

* trip price includes transport, guidance and ticket of entrance (Arouca)