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Exploring the area - Mountain Bike Holidays

For the more adventurous riders we offer a 2 weeks mountain bike rides exploring the mountain from our Luso side and on the other side of Caramulo and more to the Serra de Estrela side.

It will mean staying at different towns, but logistically it’s made very simple to you! You will arrive to the new place on your bike, guided by our MTBcamps rider and your bags will be already at the destination with our support car.


Our 2 weeks (14 nights) plan:

Day 1 – arrival (staying Águeda area)

Day 2 – ride around the lake and surroundings (staying Águeda area)

Day 3 – ride to waterfalls and mines (staying Águeda area)

Day 4 – ride from Águeda to Vouzela (staying Vouzela area)

Day 5 – free day (staying Vouzela area)

Day 6 – ride the mysterious Drave village (staying Vouzela area)

Day 7 – ride the rocky Vouzela side of Caramulo (staying Vouzela area)

Day 8 – ride from Vouzela to Viseu (staying Viseu area)

Day 9 – free day (staying Viseu area)

Day 10 – ride from Viseu to Santa Comba Dao (staying St.Comba Dao area)

Day 11 – ride the Tabua mountain bike trails (staying St.Comba Dao area)

Day 12 – ride over the Caramulo back to Águeda (staying Águeda area)

Day 13 – free day (staying Águeda area)

Day 14 – ride our Paradise trails (staying Águeda area)

Day 15 – departure


Our main purpose is to offer you a fantastic rides and awesome time here with us.

Within the 2 weeks you will be staying in 4 different towns, so you may explore and discover even more of the area here. We will make the transition from one hotel to another as simple as it can be. You will just have to pack your bags in the morning before going for a ride and your bags will be waiting at the next hotel, when you arrive there with our guide.


We manage everything so you don’t have to worry and can enjoy your stay and rides to the maximum, we are always here to give suggestions, answer your questions and also offer activities for the free days if interested.

“Exploring the area” package includes:

  • Transfer from and to OPO airport

  • 10 days of rides with our guide

  • 14 nights of accommodation with breakfast (in twin/double rooms)

  • Bag transport from hotel to hotel

  • 24h help from our MTBcamps crew

  • Mechanical help and coaching advice when needed

  • Language help when needed

Price per person (group of 4 or 6) 990.- euros.

Want a customized package - feel free to contact us!

We take it personal to secure you to have great experiences on riding your mountain bike with our MTBcamps crew.

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