Riding places

Amazing Northern Portugal
Northern Portugal has some fantastic trails.

Here are some our favorite places

Serra de Caramulo
Caramulo mountain range which is also called the lungs of Portugal as it’s the greenest mountain range in Portugal.
The mountain top is traditionally conquered by thousands of mountain bikers every year on December 1st. Caramulo mountain range offers a lot of different types of mountain bike trails and beautiful views. One can forget oneself on the bike for hours and enjoy the nature.

Mountain range that has tracks for xc, enduro and dh riders. A riding area for spend days and days discovering and having fun on the tracks. Loads of tracks with special markings. From the top of the mountain every year starts the famous local Avalanche race.

Luso - Bussaco
Tourist place which has fun mountain bike trails. Bussaco palace was summer residence for Portuguese kings, now it serves as a hotel, the surroundings are open for everyone and the hill side has great trails to ride on, the surroundings are also known for as a battle site where Napoleon lost his first battle, mountain bike trail builders have found some old weapons of that time, so you never know what you can stumble on. And when in thirst the Luso water fountain is well known for its qualities.

Paradise is not the actual name of the place, it is just how the locals call it and the name suits the place, it is a piece of paradise for a mountain biker. In the forest on top of a mountain, there are loads of tracks built and you can choose different difficulty level tracks - tracks for technical xc riding, for enduro riding and dh riding. Super amazing place to go riding!

Tarouca is a place to go with your dh bike! The locals constantly take care of the tracks and build them better. There are three proper dh tracks, and every year they host a race which brings a lot of top riders together as the race in international calendar.

Fun riding on any bike! Ventoso tracks are very close to Agueda, fun trails for xc and enduro bikes, also there is a dh track on which every year a race is organized. The trails end at the river, the place is known swimming spot for locals, great opportunity to refresh and relax on a hot day.

Vouzela is a great place for xc and enduro riding, lots of rocky trails. Views to the valley, great riding!


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